Wake my dyno

Tired of long initial webpage loading time on Heroku?

We will ping your web page every hour, keeping your app dyno up and ready!

  • - create file: http://yoursite.com/wakemydyno.txt
  • - register your site:

My dynozaur fell asleep... again...
How it works

wakemydyno.com provides a very simple mechanism preventing your dyno from falling asleep: we will ping your site periodically!
No registration is needed, however we will ask you to create a wakemydyno.txt file under the root url of your site. Our crawler will hit this file, keeping the dyno active.

If you decide to stop being pinged, just delete wakemydyno.txt file and after a couple of days we will drop your site from our pinging list. That simple!


We all know how awesome Heroku is. Simplicity in creating environments for your rails, java, python or php application is just unbelievable.
Create, deploy, BOOM! Your new app is ready, up and running! But if your site is powered by only 1 dyno, you will quickly notice that after a few hours of app's inactivity, it's first launch takes ages and ages... It is because your dyno was sleeping and now it has to be awakened.

Dynopoker gem

Recently in our dyno labs we have started the dynopoker gem project. Dynopoker is a gem which prevents your Heroku dyno from falling asleep. The main idea is to launch a separate thread that will ping your site every hour, just like this site does.
Please visit gem's github page and read the readme for more info: